She struggles today to make you strong for tomorrow!

Head office of SHE Foundation is situated in Lahore Pakistan and functional since June 20, 2000. We, being a non-profit and non-governmental organization, are focused on the empowerment of women by making them self-determined, and opening various opportunities to earn both sustenance and dignity. We aim to make and prove women more productive segments of society as whole. We focus on effectively and efficiently coordinating in the distribution of useful resources to women working under different circumstances.

SHE Media is our source of publishing educational material and highlighting the great achievements made by aspiring ladies in Pakistan and around the world. SHE magazine is not only the source of publishing our official updates but also provides respectable career opportunities to female writers to demonstrate their abilities to fullest. Moreover, Mutalia Publication is another effort to support them as writing professionals to emerge in society through stronger and confident souls. Women Sports Association works for encouragement of participation of girls and women in sports and competitions as it will not only increase their visibility of mainstream sports activities on international level but also become a source of driving gender equality. We hold conferences and workshops to generate social awareness about women rights issues, gender equality, educational needs, equal access to life-sustaining opportunities, and stop sexual harassment at any level. We make campaigns and participate in movements that can make improvements in the interests of women in Pakistan.

President of SHE Foundation, Syed Afraz Ali Bukhari, is a dedicated social activist whose diligent efforts keep this organization and associated projects functional. He is pro-actively working on the mission to stop gender violence and generate a mainstream atmosphere of equal rights to civil liberties and resources for women to live a self-sufficient life with self-respect. He aims to see a society based on the principle of social justice, personal integrity and equal gender rights and opportunities for all. Team of dedicated people work in collaboration for the objectives of SHE Foundation. SHE Foundation believes that women empowerment actually means respect for human rights.