Message From CEO

Dear Members,
I feel a great sense of pride writing this message to all the members of She Foundation Pakistan. I do think that I understand the mission of the She Foundation Pakistan and plan to do everything within my capabilities of promoting the mission. I ask each one of you for your help in that endeavor.
I am feeling delightful and congratulate all the members, partners and volunteers, who are supporting SHE FOUNDATION mission and projects. She Foundation Pakistan has been working in social sector for last 5 years and every year the quality of work is getting better. We are opening up new avenues and starting new events to serve more and more people in the Society.
It gives me immense pleasure when I see our ambitious attempts like “GRIP”, “Women Sports Complex”, Mutalia Publications and Daily Newspaper The ELLE are doing very well. We need a lot of funds and resources to make these projects a continuous success. I am very hopeful that if we work together, we can achieve these goals.
I am looking forward to our new project “Infotainment Settlite News Channel” and I ask everyone to work hard and consistently to make it a grand success. Our newspaper & TV Channel can change the face of all women’s in the world. Our women’s deserves better facilities to show their talent to the World.
I express my pleasure again and look forward to the future, where She Foundation Pakistan will serve the weaker and deprived section of the Society with its full caliber.
I look forward to work with the longtime supporters of the She Foundation Pakistan and with the newcomers to our organization. There is a lot of work to be done and I see a bright future ahead.
“I alone cannot change the world but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”