Opportunities do not happen, She creates them!

SHE Foundation has launched the project of SHE News to give a unique platform to talented girls and women where they can demonstrate their abilities and spread their voice to the world. We want every girl and woman to know that their voice can change the world! We understand that true empowerment of women is associated with providing them a good platform which they have easy access to. SHE Magazine is also a link to the chain of SHE News which is created especially for this service.

Through SHE News, we aim to draw attention to the great services offered by the great ladies around the world which remained in anonymity. We also aim to find and represent the hidden diamonds (the true talents) in different fields to make people know the women are going side by side with men in every field, i.e. art, literature, music, acting, sports, politics, or anything they dream of. This platform has the power to become the voice of great ladies and we encourage the new talents to come out through the right platform! Her dignity is the priority for us.

Gynae Research Institute of Pakistan (GRIP)

She has GRIP to invest in health, to make tomorrow better!

In our developing country Pakistan, health and treatment conditions of women are really very adverse. However, it’s not in the wrong that women are facing health and medical deficiencies. In general, only a few females enjoy their domestic, social, or even medical rights and get access to the opportunities to fulfill their human needs. The case is more critical in health areas where women either don’t get access to appropriate medical treatment opportunities or they bear risks of falling into inexperienced hands. The health conditions of women to-be-mother in Pakistan are even worse. Many of them die during giving birth; some get inappropriate medical treatment which results in post-delivery complications.

The project Gynae Research Institute of Pakistan (GRIP) has an objective to stand against the casual and offhand behavior of doctors with women that is usually seen in government hospitals which they probably prefer for low fee or free treatments. Usually these environments have more than one male doctor or even a crowd of medical students present at the time of examination that is humiliating! We also stand against the misuse of this opportunity for some evil deed.

The idea of the hospital, Gynae Research Institute of Pakistan (GRIP), is to provide best medical facilities to women who otherwise would fall into inexperienced hands. This hospital is dedicated to the health of women, which will cure almost 174 diseases associated with them. It is worth mentioning that Gynae Research Institute of Pakistan (GRIP) ranks on 4th number in the world in terms of wide range of use of medical facilities and the cure of a number of diseases. Initially we are able to get the sponsorship of 40 beds facilities.

Women Sports Complex

She can be a sportswoman!

“Those who say women are not strong enough… get stuffed!” – Michelle Payne

The benefits and rights of participation in sports for men and women are equivalent. But there are more physical and psychological benefits for girls and women to play sports. If nobody thinks girls cannot do it, they have to do it.

We believe that sport and support teach girls and women the valuable lessons that can be transferred to life; it doesn’t only help them grow socially, but also individually and professionally. Girls and women have equal rights to enjoy healthy competitions and learn from losses and gains. Sports increase body confidence and give a lot of health benefits. On the other hand, it provides an ability to understand your body that is a plus point to live a better life.

Women Sports Complex has an objective to encourage girls and women to get involved in sports, and highlight their sporting achievements rather than objectifying them on their appearance. It’s important to mention that sport is one of the great drivers of gender equality. We believe that girls and women learn more critical life skills through playing sports that helps them level their lives both in sports and beyond.

By supporting, ensuring, and admiring the participation of girls and women in sports in Pakistan, we aim to increase the visibility of mainstream sports activities of women as a whole. Women Sports Complex Pakistan is a step to encourage young girls and women to participate and enjoy the sport of their interest.

Mutalia Publications
She has a purpose before anyone has an opinion! SHE Foundation is proud to announce the unique project of its kind for talented female writers (beginners to experts) so that they can get a platform to let their thoughts speak. Mutalia Publications is the project of SHE Foundation for the effort to empower the young talented girls and women who want to write, and provide them a platform that is supportive in all terms in this regard. Through Mutalia Publications, SHE Foundation has become the medium to support those who love writing and overcome the obstacles to bring their dream content into physical form. Mutalia Publications supports the deserving and talented girls and women in two ways:
  1. First, we work as a consortium to get all the required data, literature, books and other stuff related to the subject compiled at one place for them so that they don’t have to bear the pain of visiting various libraries, book shops, websites, and concerned professionals. Moreover, they get more comfort and confidence in adopting this profession as a career, save their precious time, and create the ability to meet deadlines in their writing projects.
  2. Secondly, Mutalia Publications help them get their books and scripts published without facing troubles and harassment. There are many cases seen when girls or women climb into the hands of cheaters and blackmailers who exploit them in various ways. In some cases they bear the theft of their precious data being published with some other name and they are forced to live a life of anonymity even after writing a masterpiece.
SHE Foundation is proud to be the medium to make people think and feel positive in this regard and give the writing professional females the esteem and admiration they deserve!