The empowerment of woman is associated by giving her the necessary platform fromwhere she could raise her voice. SHE magazine is also one of the steps in this regard. Its declaration has been applied as well.

The website for Web TV is under construction and it is going to be launched on March 8th, 2020.

The health of a mother in Pakistan is under duress. Many of them die during giving birth; some get inappropriate medical treatment which results into post delivery complications. The idea of this hospital is to provide best medical facilities to woman who otherwise would fall in inexperienced hands. Our hospital is dedicated to the health of major women, which will cure almost 174 diseases associated to them. It is worth mentioning that this hospital ranks on 4th number in the world in terms of wide range of use of medical facilities and the cure of number of diseases.Initially we are able to get the sponsorship of 40 beds facilities

Women Sports Complex

Women are most of the time barred from taking part in any sports in Pakistan which ultimately results into less visibility form the mainstream sport activities, thus causing the deterioration of the department as the whole. This norm is also one of the leading causes of her health issues. In short they don’t have active participation.

Marketing/Branding Different Women Sports Teams     

We want to highlight the importance of sport in the life of women. In order to ensure the participation of women in this field, we have taken on board all the Woman Sports Associations/Federations in Pakistan.

Mutalia Publications

This has been the case with the women irrespective of date in history, nation, class and creed. SHE Foundation is the medium to sensitize the people in this regards as well. We are going to give the power to all aspiring young girls and women who want to write but have no platform and courage to let the world know their voice of thoughts.

The idea has two important facets:

  1. The idea is to work as a consortium where we will compile the literature relating to a subject in one place so that girls will be saved from the pain of visiting different libraries , book stalls, professors and websites.
  2. The other one is help in publication the work of women contributing her share through writing.